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Our Services

At Macy Landscaping, we value the quality of our work as well as providing a stress-free relationship with your landscape contractor. We value our clients' input and are able to incorporate your design ideas into your outdoor living space. We are also happy take the stress and labor of maintenance work off your hands. 

Montecito garden

Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance crew provides weekly or bi-weekly services to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. Please navigate to our contact page for a free estimate. 

Drought tolerant landscape

Water Wise Solutions

We use our knowledge of California's environment and native plants to work with nature, not agaianst it. In Santa Barbara today, conserving water is a top priority when installing and mainting a landscape. Please navigate to our contact page to learn more about the sustainbale options for your landscape.

Compact, heavy duty machine prefect for

Landscape Construction

Our construction crew provides new installation and renovation of garden beds, walkways, patios, irrigation and outdoor lighting systems, and more. Please navigate to our contact page for a free estimate. 

Orchard and landscape fertilizing and pe

Pest Control and Fertilizing

Macy Landscaping Inc is one of few contractors on the South Coast to hold a Qualified Applicators License (QAL). This means that we are certified by the state to safely manage your pest control and fertilizing needs. Spray rig kindly displayed by Dr. Macy.

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